Seagate debuts duo of superfast, high capacity server disks

Mass Storage Specialist Seagate has released the first 1TB hard disk equipped with a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface as well as a super fast drive that encrypts data on the fly.

The 3.5-inch Cheetah 15k.6 FDE (Full Disk Encryption) will use 150GB platters it seems as it will be available in 147GB, 300GB and 450GB versions with both SAS and Fibre Channel interfaces.

The drive is the latest addition to the Cheetah family, the fastest HDDs in the world, with platters spinning at 15000rpm, more than twice what your bog standard SATA drive can achieve.

The 15k.6 will be particularly useful in data centres where its automatic encryption feature will be welcomed, especially if the speed decrease is minimal.

The encryption part is done by the drive itself (in the controller's ASIC) meaning that the encryption process is independent of the operating system being used.

There's no pricing information and nothing to fear apparently if one of these drives get lost in a transit in a courier van.

As for the 1TB 'Barracuda ES.2', it will provide with cheap and cheerful storage for massive server farms which will benefit from the business critical and nearline capabilities of the SAS interface.

A 1TB SAS is terribly tempting for all server segments because one of these lads can replace two 500GB hare drives like Seagate's own ST3500630SV, which means a reduction in heat dissipation, in power consumption and in space occupied.

There's a $50 premium to be paid over the SATA version of the hard drive butt that's a small price to pay for the leap in speed (up to 135 percent improvement).