Maxtor 80GB Ext Portable Hard Drive

Store them all safely and securely in Maxtor's External Desktop Hard Drive. Ideal for home and office, it's easy to use - just connect the USB power cable; then connect the USB data cable into your PC or Mac and your Maxtor Desktop Hard Drive appears as another drive on your computer.

Perfect for the Home PC or laptop user who needs extra storage in a hurry, this nice little hard drive is on sale at Insight for a mere £35.24 + Delivery. Use the code MAR2 to get £10 off
the price.

Storage made simple - Use the extra capacity to free up the space on your PC or Mac for better performance, or to add more of your favorite files

Quality and reliability of Maxtor - Maxtor has been providing proven, reliable storage solutions for over 20 years.

The industrial design of this next generation of external hard drives includes shock
protection, EMI protection and the newest SATA hard drive technology.

The Maxtor 80GB Portable Hard Drive is host-powered (no need to carry round a large power adapter!).

It uses two USB cables. 1 USB cable for power, 1 for data. A dual USB cable is supplied.

- Robust Design
- USB Powered (no need for mains connection)
- High Speed 5400 RPM
- Easy to Use and Install