Woman Arrested after card and receipt mis-match

Given the fact that I haven't seen a shop assistant check my debit card in his/her hand for weeks - they all seem to rely on my PIN entry - I was interested to hear about a woman in Texas who was arrested after the details on her card didn't match what came out of the receipt.

Magnetic stripe cloning is, of course, the reason for this, but it's amazing how many store people in the UK don't check - even when my better half uses my card and I use hers occasionally.

The woman was arrested last weekend at a Texas Wal-Mart when she purchased $630 worth of gift cards (hello! -Ed) on her Visa card.

The cashier became suspicious when the receipt printed out a Discover credit card number - which was different from the number on the card!

According to newswire reports, police say they believe the magnetic strip was taken off of a stolen card, and placed on Wilson's Visa.

You don't say...