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More details of the Nokia's iPhone Killer leaked, Tube is real

Nokia's Tube is real and it seems that at least one journalist has seen it and managed to get a photo snap of it. Two pictures taken by Symbian Freak (opens in new tab) seems to suggest that the phone has a highly glossy finish and comes with a stylus.

Other features which have yet to be corroborated include a high resolution widescreen touch display (between 3 and 3.5-inch), a 3.2MP camera with an autofocus, 140MB of internal memory, bluetooth, uPnP, a TV output port, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and WLAN connectivity, GPS functionality and tactile feedback.

The fifth generation S60 phone could be called Nokia Tube 5800 according to some sources and could be launch by Q1 2009 at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress; which begs one fundamental question.

Why wait so long to launch this when by then, Apple will surely have launched at least two generations of iPhone on the market, especially given the fact that the phone appears to be a finished product.

Another disappointment is the lack of multi-touch which means that entries can only be done using one finger.

That said, there's also a few rumours circulating that the Tube that was displayed was a mainstream version and that a more feature-laden N-series phone based on a similar design will be released soon after.

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