Murdoch's Myspace innovates; plans to invade Telly and DVD turf

Elisabeth Murdoch might be less known than his brother James, the apparent heir to Rupert Murdoch, but that didn't prevent the 40-year old ex-senior BSkyB executive to head one of the most powerful media companies in the UK.

With an expected turnover of $400 million this year, ShineReveille, the Independent production company now headed by Elisabeth Murdoch, has struck a deal with one of Dad's company, Myspace, the social network company, to sell shows destined to the web, on global TV networks (some of which could be owned by ... you guessed it ... the Patriarch).

According to news agency Reuters, shows on MySpace TV including Roomates and Quarterlife could be distributed to a much wider audience and possibly even produced in local versions, in up to 25 countries excluding America.

MyspaceTV has been viewed by some observers as a test bed for Hollywood who is trying to reduce the costs of expensive one-off pilot episodes by "outsourcing" to some extent, the process of creation to social Myspace.

But as Quarterlife found out, whatever worked on Myspace need not necessarily work when aired on a mainstream US TV.

ShineReveille, which is backed by Sony and Sky, made a string of acquisitions last year when it bought Kudos and Reveille which have popular series like Ugly Betty, Spooks, Firefly and Life on Mars in their portfolio.