Phones4U to flog subsidised televisions and laptops soon

It won't be the first time that companies try to entice prospective customers into signing expensive contracts for services; UK Mobile Phone customers have been doing for years.

But this is set to expand to other services as well as competing companies want to retain their customers and sign new ones. According to MobileToday, Phone4U is going to bundle laptops and plasma screens with TV and broadband packages in what is set to become a common usage.

You can already get free gaming consoles, free LCD TV and free laptops from them, but the new Media Tariff Plan will see new customers grab Samsung-branded 50-inch plasma TVs and 17-inch laptops, at a reduced price.

It also offers the mind boggling prospect of having cheaper hardware for both mobile, broadband and television services, something that could snowball in the retail industry.

Back in October last year, Virginmedia and Currys partnered to offer up to £300 off a 32-inch LCD screen for every subscriber to their then-new 3 for £30 deal; it seems though that the offer has now been abandoned.