Playstation 3 owner cracks BBC iPlayer access

Perhaps Playstation 3 users are a bit miffed by the cavalier attitude of Sony or perhaps it is just a disgruntled enthusiast who sat down and said "enough is enough", anyhow, a few hours after BBC announced that the Nintendo Wii console would now be iPlayer compatible, someone did the same for the PS3 platform.

The coder, Ixalon, spoofed the Wii's user agent, making the BBC iPlayer site believe that it is serving Flash 7-based video to a Nintendo console

He added "It's mainly a demonstration of how easily the BBC could support the PS3 with their Wii version. This does nothing more than mask your PS3's user-agent string and makes half a dozen changes to make the JavaScript and CSS function correctly on the PS3. It only took a day to produce, so come on BBC - how about implementing this properly?"

The site, called PS3iPlayer, is apparently based in Canada (based on the WHOIS information), and obviously will only work with Playstation 3 and not with usual Mac/PC/Linux Browsers.

It will be interesting to see who of the BBC or Sony will retaliate to what could be seen as a breach of trust (either as the user of the iPlayer website or the PS3 console).