Those part-time job offers can get you into trouble

I'm sure most readers of this story will be familiar with the scamsters who try to lure UK Netters into "assisting them" in their frauds by using UK punters' bank accounts as a funnel for their revenue stream.

It seems that an Aberystwyth University student was suckered into just such a fraud and has been given a suspended sentence for his part in a major international Internet scam.

Hamed Adebowale Salami is alleged to have duped money out of people in the US and then sent much of it to unknown people in his native Nigeria, a Weslh court heard last week

He was given an eight-month jail term, suspended for two years, along with 100 hours community service.

The fact that he came from Nigeria sounds a tad suspicious to me, but then I always was a suspicious person. Especially when court officials allege that he scooped around £21,000 from his actions.

The jury heard that Salami had arrived to study in Aberystwyth in February 2005 and, within a few weeks he started visiting a local travel agent to cash money orders sent from the US in his name.

Salami is said to have sliced off (sorry I couldn't resist that) some of the money for himself and sent the rest on to Nigeria. Words fail me...