Truphone acquires SIM4Travel, eyes MVNO status

Interesting days indeed; since the big players like T-Mobile have opened their networks to other Mobile Virtual Network Operators, a number of players have evolved: Virgin and Tesco, two of the biggest independent MVNOs now have millions of subscribers.

Others like SIM4Travel, which VoIP specialist Truphone acquired, operate in a more niche market; that of international call making.

The purchase of SIM4Travel by Truphone means that it will inherit of the former's travel SIM capability and its Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform and will mean that SIM4travel's infrastructure, customer base, distribution and staff in Portugal and London will be incorporated in Truphone's structure.

The acquisition is also a way for Truphone to slash the cost of international costs even more while removing one potential obstacle; by becoming an MVNE, Truphone calls will appear to be from a traditional non-VoIP mobile operator

According to the Inquirer, this means that in a near future, Truphone customers will be able to use a single SIM card to make their calls locally and globally; a call which will then be re-routed either through Truphone's own VoIP network or through GSM networks; a bit like Three own Skypephone.