Giving the hackers a taste of their own medicine

Joel Eriksson, a researcher with Bitsec, the Swedish security firm, has developed a new security application that uses reverse engineering technology to discover remotely exploitable security holes in hacking software.

Speaking at the RSA Security show in San Francisco last week, Eriksson said that his software has helped him discover vulnerabilities that let him upload his own rogue software to intruders' machines.

"Most malware authors are not the best programmers," he said last Friday, adding that, they may be good, but they are not the most careful about security.

Eriksson's first stab at this software was back in Bifrost 1.1, a remote administration tools (RAT) that turned the remote system into a puppet with remote access,

His latest software - yet to be named - is better engineered than Bifrost, since it won't accept a file uploaded to it, unless the hacker is using a file explorer tool.

Plans call for Eriksson to refine his software for public release at a later stage...