LG mimicks Apple, launches an iTouch competitor

LG looks to copy Apple's approach by launching a Portable Media Player and a mobile phone using the same mould; just like Apple's iTouch and iPhone complement each other, LG hopes that the T80 will be at least as successful as the iTouch.

The T80 has a 3-inch Widescreen touch display, good video and audio support and a FM tuner; it is not that bulky but offers a measly 4GB and although it comes with an onboard TV Tuner, the DVB-T format is not compatible with the DVB-H format which has been adopted as the official European mobile TV Standard; ouch.

Battery life as well is not spectacular at around 2 hours watching TV and up to 6 hours using the other T80 features - arguably watching movies will consume more power than listening to audio.

The T80 is currently available only in Denmark (why there only?) and costs around $500, which is absurdly high.

The iTouch, although it doesn't come with a TV tuner, is a very nice choice and the forthcoming reworked Archos 405 not only costs almost half the price but also comes with a 30GB hard disk drive, PVR capabilities and a docking station.