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BBC shows interest in iPlayer PS3 Hacker project

Anthony Rose, BBC's Head of Digital Media Technology, Future Media & Technology, wrote on the BBC Internet blog that he has been impressed by the amount of job that someone who single-handed managed to make the iPlayer compatible with the PS3 gaming console.

The trick allows the gaming console to access the iPlayer service by pretending to be a Nintendo Wii; but while Rose said that this might be a short term solution; it might not be the best, let alone the most practical one.

It is also quite interesting to see that the BBC and Anthony Rose have kept a low profile and have not openly condemned the actions of the iPlayer hacker; presumably, they won't be looking into taking legal action against him or even try to close the site.

Rose added "We're investigating the optimal video profile and browser proposition to enable us to officially make iPlayer available on PS3 in due course."

The issue, although not disclosed in the post, has everything to do with the way Sony, and to a certain extent Microsoft, manage content access on their platform.

But it could well prove to be a hit for the person who created the PS3 iPlayer port as Anthony Rose made what appear to be a formal proposal to join the Beeb.

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