Chinese hacker reveals all

Interesting to read over on an Indian newswire site that a Chinese hacker has spilled the beans over the concerted Internet attack taking place against a number of Indian government computer systems this past week or so.

IBN India quotes a Chinese hacker - Xioa Chen - as saying that no Web site is 100 per cent safe.

"There are Web sites with high level of security but there is always some weakness," he told the newswire service.

It seems that Chen and his pals run a hacker's Web site in China with around 10,000 registered users.

Chen claims that two of his pals have hacked into the Pentagon, though, as CNN says, it cannot verify this assertions.

The Chinese government, meanwhile, has quietly distanced itself from Chen and his Web site.

This suggests to me that that Chinese government was complicit in the attacks on the Indian government systems.

Oops - I think I've just blown my chances for tickets to the Olympics!

You can read more on this interesting saga here...