eBay - not the police - assist dealer in tracking down stolen car

I was amused to read in a local paper earlier this week about a car dealer who turned detective in trying to track down a hatchback that he had sold to a punter waving a forged banker's draft for £1,100.

Martin Hickey, of Autotech, discovered the motor for sale on eBay and, after contacting the police, realised he had to take matters into his own hands if he was ever going to get the car back.

What surprised Hickey was the bare-faced cheek of the crims, who hadn't bother to change the plates on the vehicle.

You can read details of this interesting saga here, but what I found fascinating was eBay's helpfulness and the fact that the crims had the audacity to ask for their CDs back from the motor.

Words like `stewards' and `bar' spring to mind...