32GB USB Flash drive, only £74.99 delivered

The Play.com Flash Drive is a fast and easy way to transfer data between computers in style.

Floppy disks, Zip drives and CD-R's are now history for transferring data between computers.

You might be slightly disappointed by its design, which looks more like a lighter than a flash drive

Using a USB 2.0 Flash Drive is faster, easier and more economical.

Just insert the Flash Drive into a PC or Mac, drag and drop any files onto the Drive, then insert the Drive into another PC or Mac and your files are instantly available

This 32GB flash drive represents the summum in terms of storage capacity as they offer up to 32GB, the equivalent content of 7 DVD.

On sale at Play.com for £74.99 only.

- The new portable hard-drive for your PC or MAC
- Transfer data between computers using the USB sockets
- Back-up those important files, the perfect partner for your laptop
- Up to 40X faster than USB 1.1 (when connected to a USB 2.0 compliant system)
- Backward compatible with USB 1.1 systems (Will run at USB1.1 speed)
- Password protection (Windows)
- 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
- The perfect gift for anyone with a computer.
- Fits on to your key ring
- True Plug and Play
- Complete with FREE neck-strap and USB docking station