Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S-USB2; at last an affordable Freesat box

Freesat might still be in the starting block but already manufacturers are preparing to inundate the market with receivers. TV specialist Hauppauge has released the WinTV Nova-S-USB2, a £79.99 Freesat Box.

The receiver allows you to receive satellite TV on your PC or laptop and that includes HD content (provided your computer is powerful enough and you have the appropriate software).

You can connect a satellite dish to the box and soon Freesat, the Satellite equivalent of Freeview launched by BBC and ITV, will be accessible even on a laptop.

The satellite service will be broadcasted from the Astra 2D satellite as from this summer and will offer more than 80 free-to-air digital TV and Radio channels with a few HD programmes thrown in.

You will be able to access Sky's Free Satellite service as well as any subscription package thanks to a card reader

But don't expect the WinTV Nova-S-USB2 to reach the minuscule size of the other Freeview USB Dongles that are available on the market; the device itself and the nature of the service means that it will have to remain wired at all times.

Hauppauge says that the tuner will come with a remote control and a cable and will necessitate a satellite dish (or you could use a LNB to connect to your existing dish) rather than a simple aerial.