Nokia laptop not in the pipeline says VP; at least not for now

Nokia’s global marketing VP, Anssi Vanjoki has rejected the idea that the number one mobile phone manufacturer will be making portable computers like the Asus EEE PC in the near future.

Speaking to Mobiletoday, he argued that there's not much money to be made in the laptop market - which is ironic given that Nokia is pushing for the low end, low margin, sub £30 mobile market.

PC manufacturer Apple launched its iPhone last year and others, like Acer and Dell, are likely to follow suit, encroaching on Nokia's turf.

Laptops and Mobile broadband are already being seen as the next big growth area according to the Mobile service providers.

In its simplest form, the Finnish manufacturer could simply rebadge an existing laptop and flog it as a Mobile Internet Device.

However, a more interesting option would be to turn something like the Skypephone (see below) into a ultra portable SkypePC laptop complete with wireless broadband connectivity and get rid of the landlines once and for all.

Nokia instead is concentrating on getting its approach to the digital music market right; something which will pit it directly against iTunes and Apple again.