PBX scamming alive and well in Australia

It seems the days of hackers breaking into company PBX systems and then punting large volumes of calls to overseas destinations are far from over, judging from reports from Australia.

A Melbourne retailer and a local University were last week hit with collective phone bills of more than £40,000 worth of overseas calls with police still gathering evidence of more victims.

Both parties are said to be very angry with Telstra which, they say, is insisting they pay the bills.

The Camberwell Electrics Superstore was contacted by Telstra to ask why they had made around £10,000 worth of calls in under two weeks, Telstra didn't both contacting Swinburne University for calls worth around three times that level, but simply sent the Uni a bill.

Ozzie newswire reports say that the hackers used card-based reverse billing to punt calls to Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe, as well as India and the Far East.

The volume of calls is said to be because discount telcos are fraudulently routing their calls via company PBXs.

This is how they get their calling rates so low, say Aussie police...