The ultimate hijack : IBM Research moving to Apple Macs

The birthplace of the ruling personal computer ecosystem, the cradle of the expression "IBM PC compatible" and the bastion of the x86 community could soon fall.

IBM's Research Information Services are considering moving to Apple Mac according to an internal document obtained by Roughly Drafted and showing that IBM wants to move away from the Windows platform.

IBM has shunned its PC only roots after selling its hard drive and personal computer division to HGST and Lenovo respectively and morphing into a global IT service company.

Big Blue also made a big push for Linux in workplaces and adopting Apple Mac could actually make sense because it would allow IBM research to use the three main OSes on one physical platform.

Still IBM's own legendary OS, OS/2, won't probably run at all on Leopard's Bootcamp.

The IBM Research team has been trialling MacBook Pro laptops and the feedback has been excellent with nearly 90 percent of the testers wanting to switch from their Lenovo laptops to the Macbook Pro.

At least it proves one thing, IBM now hates Microsoft more than it hates Apple.

IBM already has a thriving Mac community within he company and could be instrumental to Apple in the latter's quest to crack the Corporate world.

IBM has already pledged its support to porting Lotus Symphony and Lotus Notes to OS X.