National Union of Teachers urge members to learn IT

Teachers across UK are finding it harder to keep up with children and students when it comes to the latest technology.

The Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Christine Blower, said that the entity has been running basic and intermediate training courses for several years and they have been "packed out".

She added: "The fact that we've used government money called the Union Learning Fund money and we've received about £1.5 million over the last four or five years to train our members, shows that there's a real need."

NUT also underline the importance of introducing and familiarising children to technology as early as possible but without getting confining this only to video games and social networking activities.

A recent Ofcom research showed that children are much more savvy when it comes to technology than their parents and that nearly half of children aged between 8 and 13 have an online profile on a social networking website.