O2 belatedly joins the Mobile Broadband foray with £20 offer

Telefonica-owned Mobile Service Provider, O2, has finally joined the wireless broadband revolution by offering a £20, 3GB offer HSDPA-enabled service.

Customers will also be able to access 7500 Wi-Fi hotspot locations in the UK over and above their data allowance; through its partnership with The Cloud network.

Those taking a normal 18-month contract with O2 will be provided the USB dongle for free while those looking for a much shorter, 1 month contract, will have to fork out £120 for the dongle.

Initial speeds will top 1.8mbps and will double to 3.6mbps while O2 extensive network upgrade ends in June; O2 says that the modem will automatically switch to the fastest available network seamlessly.

For some strange reasons though, O2 will only sign in existing customers and you can become one for as little as £12.50 per month, by getting their Home Broadband offer.

The competition is not staying put though; Vodafone already a 7.2mbps, 3GB wireless broadband offer for £15 and Three is also quite competitive.