ScanSafe says remote workers more likely to surf for pr0n

I was amused, although hardly surprised, to read that research from ScanSafe claims to show that remote laptop users are two and half times more likely to surf for pr0n than their office colleagues.

They are also, says the IT security firm, also several times more likely to check out extreme Web site - i.e. those with extremely graphic content (whatever does that mean? -Ed) - which ScanSafe says puts themselves and their managers at risk of legal liability issues and Web-borne malware.

According to ScanSafe, the survey's conclusions are especially relevant with more than six million workers in the UK working out of the office, either at home or on the road.

The problem, the IT security firm says, is that remote workforces are rapidly becoming one of the biggest loopholes when it comes to security policies.

Curiously, though, ScanSafe says its research suggests that remote workers are 66 per cent less likely to visit online banking sites, possibly because of security scares...