Supercharge your IT Business Value through BSM

The key to maximizing the value of IT is to optimize your IT processes based on a business-aware foundation. Business Service Management (BSM) is the most effective approach for doing just that.

Organizations that have begun BSM implementations are already reaping the benefits. Read the BMC white paper to learn more.

Here is an an excerpt of the White Paper

"Like most IT professionals, you’re probably under intense pressure from a variety of sources You’re

expected to achieve and demonstrate compliance with a growing number of corporate policies and

government regulations.

Your business users are hounding you to deliver more and more services. Management is requiring you to provide justification for every dollar you spend. What’s more, all this piled on top of your already full plate of just keeping the data center humming and all client machines under control.

You could throw in the towel and change professions. Or, you could consider an approach that many

IT organizations are taking to relieve the pressure; that is, to transition to managing IT as a business

It’s called Business Service Management (BSM)."