Three slashes price on mobile broadband; now starts from £5 per month

Mobile service provider Three seeks to attract more of its existing customers to its Mobile broadband offer by halving the normal price of its broadband for those with an existing 3 contract.

This means that the cheapest Price plan, the 1GB Broadband Lite, costs only £5 while Broadband Max - which allows you to download up to 7GB in a month, costs a mere £12.50 per month.

The broadband offer comes with a NAT dynamic IP and some have been able to get their PS3 Gaming console online using ICS and a crossover cable.

In comparison, O2's latest mobile broadband offer gives you 3GB worth of data for £20 per month; both mobile broadband packages come with a free dongle and carry a 18-month contract.

Three has also announced that it is rolling out what it calls the Turbo Network which offers speed of up to 2.8mbps and is available to 85 percent of the UK population.

Current Three deals start as from £10 per month on PAYG; the 3 Skypephone for example allows you up to 4000 Skype minutes per month.