Canada worried about organised crime

I was interested to read on the Canadian newswires that the government there is concerned about organised crime rings causing trouble in the online world.

The problem, according to Ian Wilms, president of the Canadian Association of Police Boards, is that police and other government agencies do not have the resources that the crims clearly do.

Wilms says that the imbalance is creating huge incentives for organised crime to get involved in e-fraud, hacking, phishing and other scams.

On reflection, I think he's quite right. Whilst it's clear that the US government and its agencies are throwing a lot of dollars are the problem of electronic crime, there clearly isn't the budget elsewhere

in the world.

According to Bruce Cowper, head of security at Microsoft Canada, during 2006, around 95 per cent of the total malware sent via spammed email consisted of Trojans, worms and other traditional exploits.

During 2007, this percentile, says Cowper, has dropped to 47 per cent.

Anyway, don't take my word for it - have a peek at the newswire report here...