Hacker attack on CNN's Web portal fizzles out

It was billed as the hacker attack of 2008 - on the Saturday just gone, hackers were going to down CNN's main Web site.

But it didn't happen, mainly because the group that started the hacking project off called the whole thing off.

According to `Revenge of the Flame,' the hacker group that was orchestrating the attack, the cyberattack plan was cancelled because too many people became aware of it.

According to newswire reports, a number of pro-China hackers had called for the attack in protest of the news network's coverage of Tibet, which they believe has been overly critical of China.

Participants had been instructed to flood CNN's Web site with a DDOS attack, hoping to knock the news portal offline for a full 24 hour eriod.

On Friday, however, CNN reported that it had been attacked on Thursday, causing the site "to be slow or unavailable to some users in limitedreas of Asia."

Arbor Networks is quoted as sating that the main www3.cnn.com portal was hit with a minor 14 megabytes per second attack for around 21 minutes.

The fact that this volume of data is called minor tells us a ot about CNN's Web site data carriage potential...