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Streamlining service request processes : A Key to Business Success

Imagine being able to give your employees the luxury of one-stop, online shopping for all the services they need.

Now, imagine that you could provide all of your service providers with a centralized location to promote available services to those employees. With service request management technology, you can!

Service request management improves employee productivity by enabling people to find the services they need when they need them.

It also enables services to be delivered quickly, effectively, and at a lower cost.

Here's a quick extract from the Whitepaper.

"When you shop online, you probably gravitate toward those vendors that provide a catalogue of requestable services listing all of the products they offer.

Usually, this catalog includes a brief description of each item, its price, and its delivery time. From the catalog, you easily drill down for more details on any product, just by clicking on it.

Then, when you find the product you want, you simply select it and your order is automatically placed. Finally, you can return to the online site at any time to determine the status of your order.

Now that’s convenience If only the employees in your organization could have that same level of convenience in finding the services they need, requesting those services, and tracking the status of their requests.

Good news... they can. Service request management technology is evolving, giving employees the luxury of one-stop, online shopping for all the services they need. It also gives the service providers in your organization a single place to advertise their services to employees.

It’s like having a service supermarket at your employees’ fingertips."