Unknown HDD maker prepares 10TB drives for 2009?

A sudden order of Lithography hardware to Sweden-based fabrication-equipment maker Obducat has caused the storage sector to wonder who is the unknown major HDD maker.

Online News Website, The Register, says that Obducat will supply around £5.5 million worth of lithography appliances to a storage company which will use them to create high data density surfaces.

Canon and Fujitsu are the two possible candidates for the patterned media technology, which is Obducat's speciality, and could yield an aerial density of 600GB per square inch, not far from Fujitsu's 1TB per SI record.

This is about 24 times more than the density of existing hard disk drives, which means that even a cut down version of the technology would allow 10TB drives to be launched in 2009.

Patterned technology relies on producing tiny nanoholes on an aluminium oxide sheet, thereby forming a pattern.

Production could however be a major stumbling block as only 720 wafers can be produced per daily.

Fujitsu is also a major laptop storage manufacturer, which means that it could well introduce a new range of laptop hard disk drives with similar capacities and performance to their desktop cousins.