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CMDB, the Cornerstone of ITIL-based Integrated Service Support

A CMDB, when used in support of ITIL best practices, is the cornerstone of IT Service Support, providing a centralized view of IT data that is essential to delivering consistent, reliable, effective, and efficient service to your business customers.

This paper discusses the function, benefits, and importance of a CMDB and why it has become the cornerstone of IT service support.

Business Service Management (BSM), the BMC® Software strategy of managing IT from a business perspective, will also be reviewed in conjunction with the award-winning BMC AtriumTM solution.

Here's a quick preview of what's inside the Whitepaper :

"Today, just five years past Y2K, many organizations are again struggling to identify their infrastructure items in order to comply with governance requirements detailed by Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox) or Basel II regulations.

With an accurate CMDB and a good Change Management policy, meeting the requirements of Sarbox or Basel II can be accomplished faster and cheaper. Both are about managing operational risk, which, from an IT perspective, can only be done by understanding the IT infrastructure and adhering to the ITIL processes to avoid disruption to the IT services that in turn directly affect vital business functions (VBFs) and the underpinning data."