Disaster Recovery Planning

Most companies have wised-up to alternative voice and data communications for when disaster strikes. However…

…when it comes to managing the situation back to Business As Usual there are still too many good companies with bad Business Continuity Plans.

Without doubt, Disaster Recovery (DR) planning among most companies has significantly improved over the last five years.

In a recently publicised survey by the analysts Gartner, nearly 60 percent of organisations had DR plans in place for outages of up to seven days.

The opportunities afforded by new, flexible technology, particularly IP-based services, have made it easier for voice and data communications to be restored quickly, either from another provider or from an alternative site.

Additionally, many organisations have experienced the primary and secondary effects of terrorism – primary being the impact of direct attacks, such as evacuations, and secondary, the disruptive effects of ‘false positive’ security alerts – and these have made investment in a DR plan a ‘no brainer’ for the Board.

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