Ebay faces major sellers rebellion on the 1st of May

The World biggest online auction website is bracing itself for the most crucial challenge it ever faced when some of its most trusted and loyal customers go ahead with a planned boycott on 1st of May.

The main reason of the boycott is Ebay's decision to prevent sellers from leaving feedback for buyers even if they have been duped or fleeced; something it decided back in February.

Furthermore, there is significant discontent over a rise in fees paid when a sale is completed , although Ebay will also cut listing fees.

Ebay build its reputation and fortune around fostering a growing community of small buyers and sellers which account for a significant chunk of Ebay's revenue, which reached £3.8 billion last year.

However, with the increase in number of fraudulent and malicious sellers has forced Ebay's president and chief executive John Donahoe to take measures aimed at making Ebay a safer place to buy.

The decision however, could affect first time sellers who could fall prey to dodgy buyers; this in turn, with the alienation of Ebay Powersellers, would mean that Ebay sellers base would decrease significantly.

It also highlights the fact that there is a need and the opportunity for a large consumer-oriented company like Microsoft or Google, to launch a rival to Ebay.