Vodafone commits to halving its carbon footprint by 2020

Telecom giant Vodafone has pledged a 50 percent reduction in its CO2 emissions by 2020 by streamlining the way it uses energy internally and by increasing the renewable part of the its energy usage.

Its Chief executive officer Arun Sarin maintained that "The most effective strategy is to cut our CO2 emissions directly. There are no simple solutions to what is a complex challenge, but through operational changes and technological innovation we will focus on improving energy efficiency in our networks, which account for 80 per cent of our emissions."

Vodafone has already taken measures to cut its carbon emission and in the 2006/2007 financial year, managed to decrease this by 1.23 million tonnes, a reduction of 29 percent relative to the network traffic and a 25 percent improvement in the energy efficiency of their new network equipment.

The company has also announced plans to develop products and services that will promote the concept of "green" communication through solar powered and universal phone chargers for Vodafone phones.