Boots staff and customer details stolen from courier

Details of 34,000 Boots customers and staff members have been stolen at the beginning of this month from a courier car in Bristol.

The customers and employees details were collected as part of Boots Dental plan and included names, addresses bank account details and Boots has already informed those who have been affected.

Unlike previous data thefts, thieves grabbed tapes rather than disks which might make the tasks of retrieving the data slightly more difficult, but not impossible.

Private Healthcare contractor Medisure, to whom Boots outsourced the management of the data, said that it was "technically complicated" to access the data since it requires specialist IT equipment and software to acess and manipulate it.

Medisure released a press statement saying: "We would emphasise that Medisure has informed the Financial Services Authority and the Information Commissioner. Medisure has also ensured that as a precaution our customer's banks have been informed so that they can monitor affected accounts for any unusual activity".