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Dell releases souped-up nano-PC to compete with Mac Mini PC

Austin-based PC manufacturer Dell, has announced that it will sell a minuscule PC that some commentators say could pit Dell against Apple's Mac Mini.

During a conference which was part of the Earth Day, at the Fortune Brainstorm Conference, Dell CEO Michael Dell said that the PC would be "the company's smallest and most environmentally-responsible consumer desktop PC."

The desktop, which may probably form part of the Inspiron family, is a fifth the size of a normal desktop PC and uses less than a third of the energy consumed by a typical mini-tower.

A spokesperson for Dell also said that the computer would come with recyclable packaging and would stand on a holder.

Although the spec list has yet to be revealed, bets are on for an Atom-based computer with 1GB memory, a 80 GB laptop drive, wireless connectivity and a slot-in optical drive.

The PC could well spark a deluge of small, environment-friendly and resource-light computers, in the same vein as the Asus EEE computer.

Popular small box manufacturer Shuttle is already selling SFF (Small Form Factor) computers that might inspire Dell.

Dell's new PC might resemble the Shuttle XPC below

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