ICO Report revealed dozens more data breaches since HMRC scandal

Nearly one hundred data breaches have been reported to the Information Commissioner Office in the five months following November's HM Revenue and Custom breach which put the shambolic administration of UK citizens data in the public eye.

The Information Commissioner's Office, Richard Thomas, has been highly critical of senior management and officials across the public sector, indicating that heads of departments should be held accountable for serious data breaches.

Cases identified in the public sector made up more than two third of the cases with other reported cases happening in the private and voluntary sector with financial Institutions, Central government and the NHS accounting for the bulk of the data breach cases.

Commenting on the results, Richard Thomas acknowledged : "It is particularly disappointing that the HMRC breaches have not prevented other unacceptable security breaches from occurring. The government, banks and other organisations need to regain the public's trust by being far more careful with people's personal information."