Manage IT from a Business Perspective: Latest Best Practices from ITIL

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is the standard for IT best practices.

One of the core books, entitled Business Perspective: The IS View on Delivering Services to the Business, focuses on the importance of managing IT resources based on what is important to the business.

Business Service Management (BSM) solutions from BMC Software enable the key concepts of this business perspective approach and help IT organizations identify the best technology solution to support the business.

Here is a short extract from the whitepaper:

"Managing a technology organization from a business perspective is an ongoing challenge. This challenge includes aligning the organization’s activities and priorities with the overall objectives of the business, as well as aligning the objectives of the various functions with each other.

ITIL is the most widely used set of best practices to help address these objectives. ITIL is a set of books that brings together best practices in the management of the technology infrastructure itself (which ITIL refers to as “IT”) and the people and process-related systems (which ITIL refers to as “IS”) . "