Netricity Powerline 85Mbps 4-Port Switch with Wireless Access Point, only £29.94

Wireless access point and 4-port 10/100 switch combined with powerline technology

Powerline technology has matured and is now widely available at an affordable price.

This Netricity model is on sale at Maplin for only £29.94 + delivery

Simply plug one HomePlug into a mains socket and another within the house to create a network.

This switch will convert the powerline into four ethernet sockets, ideal for offices.

This is truly the easiest way to network your house or office.

You''ll no longer have wireless signal problems or have to drill holes in walls and ceilings to feed the Ethernet cable.

Note - surge protectors may reduce or stop the operation of powerline products.

• Use the mains wires to send networking signals
• Converts Ethernet to a signal that transmits through the power circuit
• Extend your poweline network to a Wi-Fi network
• Extend your network to areas wireless signals cannot reach
• Share the internet with 4 machines with the router and multiple machines through the powerline
• Place in a plug socket where you need a wireless network which is far from the router
• Wireless data rates of up to 54Mbps/ powerline data rates of up to 85Mbps
• Up to a 100m wireless transmission distance (50m typical)
• Up to a 200m powerline transmission distance
• No need to lay Ethernet cables throughout the house
• Single unit to go alongside other powerline products, purchase single Powerline plug to connect to multiple computers