Windows users like Malware says Microsoft Survey

A report by Microsoft reveals an inconvenient truth about Windows Users and their behaviour which some security experts might find... troubling.

According to the compiled data, users voluntarily download and install adware even if these have been flagged by security application installed on their PC.

Speaking at Infosec security show in London, Tim Rains, group product manager for Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group, found out that more than half of potentially dangerous programs detected were not removed by the users.

Microsoft relied on a tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool which is installed on 450 million computers worldwide and on a number of Windows based operating systems.

Amongst the various culprits discovered by MSRT are WinFixer, Hotbar and ZangoSearchAssistant which together account for one in every nine malware discovered.

The results of the research comfort the belief amongst some that users need to be better educated and that no piece of security software, however smart it is, can help click-happy downloaders.