Carphone Warehouse to shun Phone mantle becomes high street media company

Carphone Warehouse could well rebrand itself as a wide ranging media company, offering everything from broadband to TV packages complete with laptops and TV screens.

According to Trade online website Mobile Today, Carphone Warehouse is looking to shed its Phone-only status and embrace other revenue streams close to its core business.

CW's boss Andrew Harrison has already signified its intention to bring the subsidised revenue model pioneered in the mobile phone sector to the broadband market as the former is already saturated.

The company might even want to rebrand itself as the "Wireless Warehouse" according to sources close to the company.

There's also a growing belief within the company that laptops adoption could be the next big thing as prices fall to new lows and customers move from one computer per household to one laptop per individual.

Carphone Warehouse's main selling point is its 800 high street stores which provide it with a brick and mortar presence that others are just unable to maintain because of costs.

Most ISPs do not have such a high profile presence and could be drawn into collaborating with Carphone Warehouse : Virgin and Orange are already doing so; Sky, BT and others could not be far behind.

Since all mobile phone providers already have broadband offers in their portfolio, this could prove to be a natural fit for CW, especially after the company's decision to spin off Talktalk.