eBay Seller Criticised For Lack Of “business acumen”

I continue to be amazed at the seeming u-turn that eBay has made in the last year when it comes to tackling fraud.

A colleague was moaning the other week that he was unable to get a pirate copy of Office 2007 from eBay, despite the fact he'd bought several copies on there last year.

According to a report in Web User magazine this week, eBay assisted Wokingham Borough Council's trading standards division in prosecuting a geezer who sold a Range Rover on eBay, claiming it was free of a hire purchase agreement, when it wasn't.

Jhalman Singh Rai sold the motor for a not-insignificant £24,800 on eBay, but the new owner was a tad dismayed when the car was towed away by Police, who said it was registered as having hire purchase on it and was being repossessed by the credit company.

But according to the Getwokingham online newspaper, it was another company, Logbook Loans that bears the responsibility of the cockup. Tim Bradbury, Mr Rai's solicitor, said: “It was as a result of LogBook Loans wrongfully asserting ownership and interest in the vehicle, which made it unlawful."