Google thrashes Green Aussie website Ecocho

Ecocho, a search engine that promised to plant 2000 trees for every million searches on its website, has been dumped by Google as the latter accuses Ecocho of violating Adsense terms and conditions.

According to a Google Spokesperson, Ecocho encouraged its users to click on ads, something that Google prohibits, by promising to plant trees.

This leaves Yahoo as the only backer of Sydney-based Ecocho.

According to Ecocho's company blog, the sudden decision by Google to pull the plug on their collaboration came as a nasty surprise.

"Ecocho has never encouraged users to click on ads... we don't believe that Ecocho was sending fraudulent clicks to advertisers. If it had, Google would've immediately stopped Ecocho's service on day one and given this as its main reason... we don't understand this action now."

Ecocho is part of a generation of environment, ethical and NGO friendly search websites along with the likes of GoodSearch and MagicTaxi.

Some observers though have criticised Ecocho for trying to cash on the green e-volution that's coming to the net; after all, Ecocho is a for-profit organisation and Google already have a number of schemes to help the environment as highlighted on their Green Google page.