Google's iGoogle to become a Social Network?

Google's popular iGoogle mashed front page could soon become a social networking website in its own right after the search company released a developer sandbox for iGoogle.

The sandbox will provide developers with a testbed where they will be able to build widgets for the iGoogle and according to some, this will not only make iGoogle more social network friendly especially through the inclusion of Open Social.

Open Social is a Google backed initiative that allows developers to use a common set of APIs, HTML and Javascript to easily build social applications; thereby opening the door to existing social networking websites (like Myspace or Bebo) to be included in iGoogle pages.

Other features that Google is offering is the canvas view which allows widgets to be expanded on demand.

iGoogle has tens of millions of users with half the traffic being generated by viewers outside US.

In related news, Businessweek understands that Google has invested in a DNA-screening startup called Navigenics; although the exact amount Google poured in the company has not been disclosed, it could well match the $4.4 million that it invested in another similar company called 23andMe which was founded by Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google's Sergey Brin, and her business partner.