Orange spring-cleans consumer and business mobile offers

Telecoms giant Orange is having a massive rejig in a bid to improve sales and simplify its overall strategy as it alters its mobile, business and broadband offerings.

Orange has updated its business mobile offer and now includes special offers for those staying with Orange for three years or more.

The three segments, Orange Solo, Orange Venture and Orange Momentum, roughly match the "animals" categories available from Orange.

Simultaneously, Orange has announced that it will launch a multimillion pound advertising campaign across several media for the relaunch of its prepay.

The fact that Orange is concentrating on Prepay comes at a time when other mobile phone providers are trying to get PAYG users to sign for more lucrative long term contracts.

Orange has massively changed the features of its animal packages and introduced a new one called Camel which is destined at customers who want to call outside UK.

It has also introduced unlimited free access fo Facebook, Bebo and Myspace on its Dolphin package which underlines the evolving nature of the humble mobile phone.