BBC gets backing of Ofcom against ISPs over streamed video

Whether or not you believe Doom Sayers; video over the web is the next big thing and if left to its own devices, it may cause more than a few issues.

Who will be responsible for solving these is what the BBC and the ISP community have been bickering over; where to get the additional capacity, who will pay for the bill, who will regulate the traffic?

Now it looks as if the Content providers can count on a precious ally; speaking to a joint session of the Commons culture and business select committees, Ed Richards, the Chief Executive of Ofcom, the regulatory body which looks at the well-being of the comms sector, said that he doesn't believe that the Beeb should be forced to pay for bandwidth used for its service.

After all, one might say, the Beeb is already paying a fair share of bandwidth money on its side to broadcast its content.

The BBC though is already looking beyond the current situation and is planning to work directly with big Internet service providers like BT and Virgin Media to deliver content directly to their customers without taking the public Information highways.

Simultaneously, the Beeb is working on a Content Delivery Network which could ease the congestion issue.