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Gold'en Rant : Power Cut highlights Windows Backup shortcomings

It's been a hairy week at here at Gold towers - on Tuesday I visited the Infosecurity Europe show in London and, whilst I was there, someone decided what a good idea it was to launch a variety of attacks on my server, which fell over in the process.

Then to cap it all, I had a power cut in the home office yesterday afternoon, which resulted one in the Registry of one of my PCs getting seriously corrupted.

This manifested itself in my losing the ability to use Java/Javascript, as well as the Restore function. Nasty eh?

As a result, I've spent around five hours on Wednesday restoring my server from backup CDs.

Last night I started re-installing Windows XP on my second PC at around 7pm. I finished at 1:30am. Ugh.

I should have used a back-up package like Ghost, but there you go. My gripe this week is Windows' inability to back up the operating system, applications and other data using a simple `hot button.'

I can do this under Ubuntu using applications such as SBackup, and the Apple Mac OS has the facility as native to Leopard. So why not in Windows XP or, for that matter, Vista (fx: spit)?

Unless I'm being really stupid - which is not unknown on a Friday - Microsoft is sadly lacking on this front.

Anyway, it's mid-morning on Friday and I had around five hours sleep last night, so I'm feeling even more grumpy than usual. My love for Microsoft and its operating systems has never been lower.

But they're a necessary evil. At least I have Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 to use as a browser and can dump Internet Explorer once and for all, but that's another story. I really hate Microsoft...