Microsoft Vista SP1 now available as automated update

Users of Windows Vista, rejoice; Microsoft is going to thrust the first service pack for its newest consumer operating system onto millions of consumers who have turned their automatic update feature on and who hadn't downloaded the pack manually.

SP1, which is a 435MB download, will solve a number of bugs and glitches within Vista and hopefully encourage existing Windows customers who are running XP to upgrade to Windows Vista sooner than wait for Windows Seven.

Part of Vista's problem stem from the fact that its support for legacy applications is still not as diverse as Windows XP and firms are reluctant to refresh a mature platform like XP which, to them, work perfectly.

SP1 will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese versions and is currently sitting at number 9 in Microsoft's top download list, pointing to the relative sluggishness of the updating process; in comparison WIndows XP SP3 is number 14 on the list.

Microsoft is planning to gradually phasing in the software, which will give it time to iron out any problems that could arise with third party device drivers and other performance related troubles.

A spokesperson told Vnunet that the update will be delivered in smaller downloads to alleviate the charge on Microsoft's Servers; in the meantime, it might be useful to head for torrents and get the SP1 from there.