BT's home hub - well and truly hacked

There have been rumours swirling around t'Internet for several weeks now, but it seems that a group of hackers have developed a software applications that can decode a BT Home Hub's admin password based on its SSID and other relevant information.

Newswire reports quote BT as admitted that there may be a problem with the Home Hub although - as usual from BT - the advice of security is quite vague and seems to apply to users of any wireless router.

"We are aware of this problem, although we dont believe that any customers have been affected," a spin doctor, sorry, spokesperson for BT, is quoted as saying on the Digital Lifestyle Web portal.

BT is advising punters to change the default wireless key and the encryption type from WEP to WPA, as well as changing their admin password on the Hub Manager.

Interestingly, BT is also advising customers to leave their Home Hub on all the time, so as to "benefit from firmware updates as they become available."

Some reports, however, suggest that hackers need physical access to the Home Hub and the serial number of the unit in order to gain unauthorised access.

This sound more plausible as, much as I love to stick the boot on BT, they can't be that stupid on the IT security front, can they?...