Google keeping mum about its Anti Spam strategy

Online search giant Google was particularly discreet at the Web 2.0 expo in San Francisco over the controversial Spam issue; one of its most popular spokesperson (and one of the most listened too), Matt Cutts gave an insight of "What Google Knows about Spam".

But rather than opening the Search Engine's kimono and showing off all of Google's secret weapons, Matt Cutts ran through a list of already known facts that if anything else, only serve to stress that Google knows more about spam that it wants the world to know.

For Google's relationship with its users is built on trust and reputation; lose one and your business will be rocked; lose both and Google may well sink.

Her also mentions that Captcha systems, although slowly becoming obsolete, still carry some value in the fight against spam bots.

There's also the ambiguous position of Google vis-a-vis spam websites which are increasingly turning out to be spam blog littered with Google Adwords advertising.

Google is clearly profiteering from all this and these websites are clearly featured in Google Search Engine Research Pages although they, most of the time, only feature copyright content lifted from third parties.