Green data centres? What green data centres?

How refreshing it is to find a survey that recognises that improving data centre energy efficiency is not just about virtualisation or installing the latest, greatest 'green' plant. Data centre efficiency is about much more than this and if you can't measure it, you can't manage it!

So many data centres are claiming to be 'green' or 'environmental' or just plain 'energy efficient'. The unfortunate reality is that they have embarked on a virtualisation programme or have installed a new UPS, air conditioning or similar.

What is needed is a more holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of the data centre environment from power, cooling and waste management, to server virtualisation, active power management and beyond.

If a data centre truly has an aspiration to be more energy efficient, then the first step must be an environmental audit. This will allow them to have a scale against which to measure and to look back when improvements have been made.

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