Motorola shares fall to their all time low, could be downgraded

Motorola shares fell sharply after its first quarter results left its investors wondering what could save and revive its cellphone division which has been left battered by the competition.

The company's share prices fell to its lowest point on Friday at $8.98, a 52-week low and a slump of nearly 43 percent since the beginning on the year

This has sparked concerns that the company's shares could be downgraded to junk status by the end of next year if nothing is done.

Its mobile phones, which once made up almost a quarter of the global market, are now accounting for less than 1 in every 11 handsets sold and has been overtaken by Samsung electronics; meanwhile smaller competitors like LG Electronics are also catching up.

Handset sales for the first quarter was down 39 percent over the same period last year at only $3.3 billion and posted a $418 million operating loss with only 27.4 million handsets shipped.

The economic woes could add to Motorola's misfortunes if it fails to revive its sales of high-end handsets which carries high average sales prices, while aggressively boosting its penetration in emerging markets with low cost mobile phones.